University Library Renovation

Roger Williams University

This phased renovation project re-evaluates the University Library’s programs and spatial arrangement to better meet their 21st century “Just-in-Time Help” service model. What will emerge is a programmatically-unified library. On the first floor is a central Information Desk, Media-Tech Desk, and an expanded Information Commons, including an Academic Technologies service center (media and IT) with an e-Studio and Instant Theater. Librarians’ offices are directly accessed off the Information Commons, as is the Flexible Exhibition Gallery. The second floor is currently being programmed to house the Center for Student Academic Success. CSAS will include tutoring services, student advising and advocacy, and the Center for Teaching and Learning . The third floor will be a traditional quiet study library environment.

If you are interested in learning more about our academic programming and phased renovation work, please contact Ned Collier, Education Studio Principal.

54,000 GSF