Port 45

South Boston, MA

Port 45 responds to its location at the intersection of Boston’s most vibrant neighborhoods -- where South Boston, Seaport and South End meet.  A broad, tall glass elevation capped by a strong, horizontal canopy invites views into the A Street retail.  Patterned, two-story facades, tall wood doors, bold canopies and gardens mark a series of townhouses along Third Street.  A blue-shingled façade caps the garage entry, and acts as a transition in scale against the Haul Road.  A four-story frame highlights the central entry, providing light and signage along West Third Street; the frame acts as the entry canopy, inviting residents and visitors into a two-story lobby highlighted by a vertical pattern of light. 

The 105 cutting edge homes range from one- to three-bedrooms, with a ground level, enclosed parking garage complete with electric car charging stations.  The “E-shaped” plan creates a strong, street front façade along West Third, while the three building wings extending from this bar form two courtyards oriented to capture the optimum sunlight for unit patios and decks.  These green roofs are landscaped to enhance views out from each unit, as well as the adjacent fitness and amenity spaces.  A setback at the top floor creates a large, upper level common deck and club area for all residents – the deck looks north to offer views to downtown Boston and the Seaport.  The exterior of Port 45 draws upon the predominant materials of the surrounding neighborhoods, with the use of grey brick and metal shingles and panels; however, the scale and detailing of these elements are decidedly modern.

Green Roof Courtyards


Cutting Edge Homes

Electric Car Charging Stations