The Plant & Cuban Revolution

Providence, RI

The Plant and Calender Mills mix a new blend of commercial and restaurant space with residential and live/work lofts into two 19th century industrial buildings. Live/work units range from affordable 500 SF studios with a wall of windows, to multi-story lofts with "wow," and full floor-thru communal "nests." Adaptive reuse is redefined through a blend of artistic integrity with aplomb. Via selective demolition, the underutilized and overbuilt site was opened up to create parking areas and an award-winning dance courtyard. Although in some areas the internal structure was deteriorated beyond repair, exterior walls were selectively preserved, maintaining the traditional street wall at the back of the sidewalk. New construction is clearly identified in contemporary materials and details.

The Plant: 29 live/work units | 20,000 SF commercial; Calender Mills: 11 units | 30,000 SF commercial