Passive Design

ICON has committed to developing and  implementing Passive House design expertise. The Passive House Building Standard, which can be applied to all building types, establishes stringent energy efficiency through radical simplicity and rigorous attention to detail. A passive house project is designed to meet a specifically low energy budget based on measurable criteria. To achieve this, a super insulated, air tight envelope is coupled with an intelligent ventilation system and passive solar strategies. Collectively, these integrated measures substantially minimize heating and cooling loads, reducing energy demand by up to 90% and realizing extreme thermal stability. The result is an exceptionally comfortable, healthy building that is affordable to construct and operate and highly resilient.

Passive House Buildings are:

  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Comfortable
  • Healthy
  • Affordable to Construct
  • Affordable to Operate
  • Resilient                                                                                                           

Learn more about the Passive House Design Standard at or contact us for more information on our Passive House work.

80% Reduction in Carbon Footprint
Part of a holistic approach to sustainable design and a foundation for Net Zero and Living Building Challenge design