Maverick Landing

East Boston, MA

Situated along Boston's Inner Harbor, this nine acre, transit-oriented neighborhood replaced an obsolete 1940s public housing "superblock". Despite its density of 44 units per acre, the site blends substantial public open space with restoration of the historic street grid, reconnecting the site to the surrounding community and providing both visual and physical connections to its magnificent waterfront. Maverick Landing’s 426 mixed-income units offer a wide variety of unit types, including rental townhouses, mid-rise apartment buildings, and a seven-story condominium building at the water’s edge. With rooftop photovoltaic panels and a cogeneration system, Maverick Landing is the first LEED certified affordable housing development in New England, engaging “healthy home” design and construction practices. 

426 Units | 9,000 SF Meeting House
LEED Certified; Rooftop Photovoltaics; Co-generation system