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Learning Spaces

Tufts University

As part of the University’s Learning Spaces Upgrades program, ICON planned for the renovation of 17 different classrooms in 8 different buildings on the Medford Campus. Totaling 12.558 SF, the existing spaces range in size from 320 SF to 1,300 SF, and serve multiple schools and departments. Functions range from a group study room to a seminar room to flexible classrooms, lecture halls and multipurpose rooms. The spaces were designed to better support contemporary pedagogies and technologies. Potential new technologies included standard laser and short throw projectors and flat screens, annotation monitors, document cameras, and, in one room, digital-cinema grade projector & screen and surround audio for playback. Of the planned 17 spaces, Tufts University chose to move forward with 7 for renovation. These spaces included technology, lighting, finishes and furniture upgrades to the Sofia Gordon Multipurpose Room, seminar and study spaces in the Fletcher School (Cabot Hall), a design studio in Anderson Hall, and a lecture hall/function space in the Science and Technology Center.