Hub 25 Residences

Dorchester, MA

This 2.35 acre site is situated directly adjacent to the JFK Redline Transit station (with bus, train and commuter rail services). Hub 25 mixes commercial and live/work ground level spaces with innovative apartments and lofts above. The residences will cater to Boston working professionals looking to live in a diverse, transit-oriented community with rents less expensive than downtown. Sheltered from the bustle of the city and the expressway beyond, the Courtyard will be serene and peaceful. Pockets of seating and small gathering areas will provide areas for individuals or small groups, while allowing privacy for patio and deck areas. Lining the perimeter of the buildings, private residential decks and stoops will activate the street level while street trees and low plantings will soften the ground plane and provide shelter to pedestrians. Go to for more information on this exciting new development.