Harbor Lafayette Homes

Salem, MA

Two renovated buildings in Salem’s Point neighborhood create homes for formerly homeless or transitioning young people.  These 27 affordable studio and one-bedroom units offer stability that will allow residents to rebuild their lives. The on-site resident manager occupies one unit and can utilize the private meeting room to facilitate communication and support.  New accessible entrances and units provide more inclusivity and choice, while structural and fire protection upgrades increase safety.  New windows, high-efficiency heating systems and the introduction of continuous ventilation promote health and comfort.  Refinished existing wood flooring and details retain character and add warmth.  While each of these three-story buildings is unique in construction and cladding, they are both part of the open air “Punto Urban Art Museum.”  Together, they are woven into a neighborhood story that celebrates connection, equity and resilience. 

For more information regarding this project, please contact us at info@iconarch.com