UML Innovation Hub + M2D2 Labs

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

The UML Innovation Hub + M2D2 Labs occupy the top two floors of the historic Freudenburg Building in the Hamilton Canal District. As part of ICON’s ongoing work in the District (award-winning Master Plan and Appleton Mills adaptive reuse), we restored the exterior of the existing building and developed the UML spaces. The UML project focuses on creating varied and technologically-rich environments for collaboration and to provide labs for biomedical startups. The project is organized to create a series of zones or “neighborhoods” with varying furnishings and acoustics (noisy, quiet, semi-public, and semi-private). The “noisy neighborhoods” are near the entrances, food, and toilet rooms. They have a mix of movable tables and chairs that can be stored to create large function rooms - on the third floor, the large conference room has folding glass walls that, when open, create a reception and presentation space. The “quiet neighborhoods” are located on the opposite sides of the floor plan (with minimal pass-through circulation). The third floor includes an acoustically and environmentally separated “maker space”.

If you are interested in learning more about academic incubators, please contact Ned Collier, Education Studio Principal.

22,000 GSF
  • Outstanding Design, American School & University 2015 Architectural Portfolio
  • Citation of Design Excellence, Learning by Design 2016