Partner Sponsor

North Atlantic Region

ICON Architecture is proud to be a Partner-level Sponsor for SCUP (Society for College and University Planning). We fully support SCUP by participating in regional and international conferences as members of the Facilities Planning Academy as concurrent session conveners and speakers. Our speaking engagement presentations within SCUP include:

- [2015]  UMass Lowell Innovation Hub + M2D2 Labs: An Institutional/Corporate Partnership

- [2014]  Mixology: Education Innovations, Emerging Technologies, Data Fluency & Analysis

- [2013]  Mixmaster: Rise of the Blended Campus

- [2009]  Great Facilities and Cost Planning: Finding the Tipping Point

- [2008]  Fragile Projects: Strategically Reinforcing Interdisciplinary Planning

- [2007]  The Decline of Typological Difference in the Evolving Campus

- [2005]  Innovative Planning for Interdisciplinary Learning

- [2003]  Sustainability from Inception to Implementation: 60 Oxford Street, Harvard University


Partner Sponsor